What is it? Answers CI

Friday, January 27, 2006

569. Impact Kermabit self defense tool

570. A Civil War era mortician’s facial reconstruction kit

571. Tap, with matching die was used for cutting threads and nuts.

572. Blasting cap crimper

From a U.S. Marines document:

"M2 Cap Crimpers. The M2 cap crimper is used to squeeze the shell of a non-electric blasting cap around a

Time fuse

Standard base

Detonating cord

securely enough to keep it from being pulled off, but not tight enough to interfere with the burning of the powder train in the fuse of the detonating cord. One leg of the handles is pointed to use in punching cap wells in explosive material for easy insertion of the blasting cap. The other leg is a screwdriver end. Use the cutting jaw for cutting fuse and detonating cord only."

573. Aerator, the rotating star-shaped tines slice into the soil to allow seed, fertilizer, water, air, light and nutrients to reach the grass roots.

574. Tennis racquet press